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Achieving Referential Integrity Database System

Referential Integrity The referential integrity expresses that if a remote key exists in a connection, the outside key esteem must match the essential key estimation of some tuple in its parent connection. It saves the characterized connection between relations when records are included or erased It guarantees that the data in the two relations is predictable.

Achieving Referential Integrity

Referential Integrity


The referential integrity can be accomplished by making the connection between the relations s the check In a relationship, one connection is called parent connection and the other is called kid connection The parent connection contains the essential key and youngster connection contains the remote key.

The referential integrity ensures the following:

  • An esteem entered in the remote key field of the kid connection must exist in the essential key field of the parent connection.
  • A record can’t be erased from a youngster connection if coordinating records exist in the 3 there would e be able to against parent connection.
  • The essential key esteem can’t be changed in the parent connection if its comparing records exist in the youngster connection.

Maintaining Data:

  • An arrangement of strategies used to keep data current is called file upkeep or data support. File support techniques incorporate including or changing records in the file or erasing records from the file.

 Adding Records:

  • The record is included in the file when new data is accessible. For instance, when another understudy takes affirmation, the record of the new understudy is included the Understudy file.

Changing Records:

  • The record in the file is changed for the accompanying reasons.
  • To amend off base data: Assume the client entered the wrong email of an understudy in the file by botch On the off chance that he needs to rectify email address, he will change the current record.
  • To change existing data with new data: Assume an understudy changes his habitation The current address in the file progresses toward becoming invalıd So the record ought to be changed to refresh the new address of the understudy.

Deleting Records:

  • A record is erased when is never again required For instance, when an understudy leaves the school, the record of that understudy is erased from the Understudy file.

Data Validation:

The way toward contrasting data with an arrangement of principles or qualities to see whether the data is rights called data approval Numerous projects perform legitimacy checks or legitimacy tenets to guarantee the accuracy of data, For instance, a legitimate email address must contain ‘@’ and Data approval improves its integrity before putting away it Some legitimacy checks are as per the following:

Alphabetic/Numeric Check:

Alphabetic check guarantees that the client enters just alphabetic data in a field hell guarantees that the client enters just numeric data in a field For instance Name field ought to be alphabetic and the data in Imprints field ought to be numeric.

Range Check:

Range cheek decides if the entered number is inside the predefined extend For In dir case if the greatest characteristics of a subject are 100, a range beware of Imprints field guarantees that the data entered in the field is in the vicinity of 0 and 100.

Range Check:

Consistency check tests the data to guarantee that it is coherent For instance. the Affirmation Date field ought not to contain a date sooner than the present date Also the incentive in LeaveDate field ought not to be sooner than the incentive in Confirmation Date field The I Assume the number T used to area.

Consistency Check:

Consistency Check guarantees that data in a field exists This check prevents the client from leaving a field clear For instance, a culmination keeps an eye on Enlistment ID guarantees client has entered enrollment No of the understudy.

File Processing System The File Processing system was utilized by various associations to store and mama ta The typical file processing system utilizes diverse arrangement of files for every office in an organization The records in a single file may not be identified with the records put away in different files strategy us than then number 15 utilized as to 9.12.1 Kinds of File Association Pors.

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