Classification of Computer Information Technology

Classification of Computer The qualification between these classifications is in some cases not exceptionally clear. Classification of Computer are grouped based on the estimate, speed, handling force and In any case, the classification of computers isn’t straight-forward. A few qualities cover distinctive classes.

Classification of Computer


Classification of Computer can be grouped into the accompanying classifications:

  • PC
  • Cell phones
  • Minicomputer
  • Centralized server Computer
  • Supercomputer
  • Implanted Computer

PCs Miniaturized scale Computers:

PC is likewise called miniaturized scale computer. It to utilized by one individual It is intended to be capable at once. comprises a processor, at least one information, and devices. It additionally frequently contains a correspondence between Computers accessible in various sizes and shapes. They are broadly utilized by people and organizations PC is from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars Most ordinarily utilized PCs are PC and Apple.

Mac computers utilize Macintosh OS working framework PC and its perfect computers take the details of the first IBM PC. PC and its perfect computers utilize Windows working frameworks. Distinctive organizations, for example, Dell, Acer, HP, and Asus offer PC and its good computers. Real kinds of PCs are a workstation and versatile computer.


PCs are the most widely recognized kind of PC, It is composed in a way every one of its parts fit on a work area or table, In one model, the frame unit is put on a level plane on the work area or table and screen are put on the framework unit. In another model, called tower display, both screen and framework unit is put on the table. The framework unit in tower show is set vertically. Some workstations additionally have touch screens Diverse PCs are as per the following:

Across the board Computer:

Across the board computer screen and framework unit into a consolidates single gadget. Some of the board models additionally have touch screen innovation. These computers spare work area space yet can be hard to update. HP Touchsmart and Mac iMag are cases of across the board computer.

Workstation Computer:

The workstation is all the more intense and costly personal computer It is utilized for counts and illustrations work. A workstation can handle the errands that require a great deal of preparing speed. It is for the most part utilized by engineers, designs craftsmen and modelers. Engineering utilizes a workstation to see and make maps. A visual craftsman utilizes a workstation to make computer-enlivened embellishments for full-length movies and computer games.

Server Computer:

A personal computer can be designed to function as a server. A server computer gives administrations and controls access to the equipment, projects, and information in the system. It likewise gives a brought together capacity territory to projects, information, and data.

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