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Different Methods of Accessing Data From Storage Devices

Methods of Accessing Different methods of accessing data from secondary storage devices are as follows:

1- Random Access Method

Methods of Accessing Random access means that data can be retrieved directly from any location on the storage medium in any order. Random access Devices move directly to a particular location on the medium when data located at that location is needed. Almost all Storage Devices used with computers today are random access devices such as hard drives, CD/DVD drives, and USB flash drives.

The random access method is also known as the direct access method. The media that use random access are sometimes called addressable media. It means that the storage system can locate each piece of stored data at a unique address.

2-Sequential Access Method

Sequential access means that data can be retrieved in the same order in which it is stored on the medium. The data cannot be accessed directly. This process reads data from the beginning. It continues reading data until the required data is found. This method of accessing data is slow and time-consuming. The magnetic tapes are typically used with computers for backup purposes It is not commonly used access method and is used in magnetic tapes.

Different Methods of Accessing Data

data access

The difference between memory and storage is as follows:

Memory Storage:

1- Memory is volatile.
2- It is faster than storage
3- It is more expensive than storage.
4- It is generally smaller in size than Storage
5-The capacity of the memory is less than storage
6-Programs are copied from storage during execution

Memory Storage:

1-Storage is nonvolatile
2-It is slower than memory
3-It is less expensive than memory
4-It is generally bigger in size the memory
5-Programs are stored in storage when takes place.
6-The capacity of storage is much more the memory

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