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Different Types Of File Processing System Database System

 The File Processing System was used by several associations to store and monitor data. The common file processing system uses a distinctive file layout for each division of an association. Records in a single file may not be identified with records stored in different files.

File Processing System

File Processing System


Types of file organization:

Various types of file associations are the following:

Organization of consecutive files:

In the association of consecutive files, the records are kept in a constant progression in the escalation of special slip requests. The request depends on an estimated key call. The key is a field that contains a piece of information, for example, RegNo or NIC, etc. The estimation of the key field is diverse in each record in the file.

The records in the successive file association are retrieved consecutively. This type of recovery is called successive access. It implies that the records are carried out in a constant progression in a similar arrangement in which they are saved in the file. The real detriment of consecutive access is that it is moderate. In case the last record is retrieved, each previous record is analyzed before reaching the last record.

Organization of ordered files:

In the association of archived files, the records are saved in ascending or descending requests. The request depends on an estimate called enter as in a successive file association. In addition, the association of archived files maintains a file in a file.

A file understands the key qualities and the address of the circle being compared for each incorrect record ensures that the data is archived. The list alludes to the place in a circle where a record is kept. The list file has updated a record is never included or it is deleted from the file. At the time the file is prepared, the file is recovered from the circle and duplicated in the main memory.

The records in an association of listed files can be accessed consecutively and in addition to arbitrary or direct access. Immediate or irregular access implies that any record can be obtained directly without reading the previous records. By the time a record is retrieved, your key estimate will be retrieved from the file. The file also contains the comparison location of the plate where the record is stored. This shipment is used to obtain registration on the plate. Immediate or irregular access is faster than successive access.

Organization of coordinated files:

In the association of coordinate files, the key estimate of a record is used to decide the area to store the record. Assume that a program configures a file that has nine areas for storing records. If the key in the record is estimated from a digit, this estimate can be used in the area to store that record. For example, the record with the key 5 can be saved in the relative area 3, etc. The relative area is also called the basin.

The execution of the direct file association ends complex in some circumstances. Suppose that the most extreme amount of records to be saved is 100 and key to a four-digit registration number. The four-digit key can deliver the result to 9999. In this circumstance, the key can not be used to determine the relative area. A numerical equation can be used to locate the relative area. This technique is known as the hash.

A generally used hashing strategy is called a split/leftover technique. The strategy uses a prime number that is close to the number of records. It should not be more prominent than the number of records. Suppose there are 100 records to save. The closest prime number is 97. The registry key is isolated by 97 and the rest of the division is used as a relative area to save the record.

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