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Different Types of Users in Database Environment

Types of Users in Database Environment Different types of users in database environment are as follows: Data Processing & Database Management System  IT Series The Concepts of Information Technology.

Database Environment

User/Ender User:

A user or end users are the persons who directly interact with database Systems and w valid use database application without technical knowledge of databases. End users of the databases through an interface. They do not write any programs. The end user must the knowledge of the installed software to be used.

Data Administrator:

A data administrator is a person who is responsible for the entire Data of an organization. He normally develops overall functional requirements for database organization. He controls and manages the whole database system. He established with the user when necessary. He should participate in developing data dictionary and.

He conducts user training when required. standards an data of a user in the hopes data and supervises the data distribution in the organization. He also communicates preparing documentation for the database. He coordinates and monitors the use of the database.

Database Administrator:

A database administrator is an important person in the development of a database system. He is responsible for design, implementation, operation, management, and maintenance of the database. He must be technically competent and a good manager with good communication skills.

Managerial skills are used to plan, coordinate and carry out different tasks. Technical skills are required to understand the complexity of hardware and software. Diplomatic skill is important in communicating with users and determining their needs etc.

Important tasks/responsibilities performed by DBA

Different responsibilities of database administrator are as follows:

  • Installation of software
  • Monitoring of database system
  • A solution to any problem that occurs in the database system
  • Assigning permission to different users to use database system
  • Taking regular backups of the database
  • Restoring the system in case of any problem or system

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