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Disadvantages of File Processing System

Disadvantages of the File Processing system The two most important disadvantages of the file processing system are the following:

Redundancy and Data Inconsistency:

In the file processing system, the same data can be duplicated in several files. For example, there are two files “Students” and “Library”. The “Students” file contains the No Roll, name, address and telephone number and other details of all students at a university.

The “Library” file contains the No Roll and the name of the students who obtain a book from the library along with the information about the rented books. A student’s data appears in two files. This is known as data redundancy. This redundancy causes more storage. This situation can also cause data inconsistency.

Disadvantages of File

Disadvantages of the file processing system:

It means that two files can contain different data of the same student. For example, if a student’s address is changed, it must be modified in both files. There is the possibility that it be modified in the file “Students” and not in the file “Library”. In this case, the student’s data becomes inconsistent.

Data isolation:

The data in the file processing system is stored in several files. It becomes very difficult to write new application programs to retrieve the appropriate data. Suppose that the student’s email is stored in the “Students” file and the rate information is stored in the “Rate” file. To send an email message to inform a student that the quota payment date has ended, you need data from both files. In the file processing system, it is difficult to generate that type of list from multiple files.

Integrity problems:

Integrity means reliability and accuracy of the data. The stored data must meet cert of consistency constraints. For example, Roll No and Marks of students must 9.13.1 types of Umeric value. It is very difficult to apply restrictions on files using the file processing system

Dependence of program data:

The program’s data dependency is a relationship between the data stored in the files and the specific program required to update and maintain those files. With the file processing system, the application programs developed according to an even file are changed, the application program must also be changed accordingly. For example, if there is a change in the length of the zip code, it requires a change in the program. Such changes can be expensive to implement.

Atomicity problem:

When you perform an operation on data, it may consist of different steps. A collection of all the steps required to complete a process is known as a transaction. Atomicity means that a transaction must take place as a whole or that it should not take place. Suppose you want to transfer money from account A to account B. This process consists of two steps.

  • Deduct the money from account A:
  • Add the money to account B:

Let’s suppose that the system fails when the computer has taken the first step. It means that the amount has been deducted from account A but has not been added to account B. This situation can make your data inconsistent. The file processing system does not provide the facility to guarantee the atomicity of the data.

Security issues:

The file processing system does not provide adequate security in the data. In some situations, you may want to provide different types of access permissions to the data for different users. For example, a data entry operator should only be allowed to enter data. The president of the organization must be able to access or delete the data completely. Such types of security options are not available in the file processing system.

Maintenance of the program:

The from the 7 appears I The programs developed in the file processing system are difficult to maintain. A lot of money is spent on program maintenance. It becomes difficult to develop new programs.

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