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Examples of Databases Components of Database System

Database System is an organized collection of related data. The word organized means that data is stored in such a way that the user can store, manipulate and retrieve data easily. The word related means that database is normally created to store data about a particular topic.

Components of Database System

Database System

 For example:

If you create a database for students, it will contain data about the students, such as the roll, the name, address and other Information about the students. In the same way, if the database is about the employees of an organization, it will contain the data of the employees, such as the identification of the employee, the grade, and the salary, etc. All data in the database is organized in tables.


The table is the fundamental object of the structure of the database. The basic purpose of a table is to store data. It consists of rows and columns. A table is a very convenient way to store data. The user can easily manipulate the data in a table.

Rows / Registration:

  • The rows are the horizontal part of the table. For example, there are three rows in the previous table. Each row contains a different person record.

Columns / Field:

  • The columns are the vertical part of the table. For example, all the values in the Name field in the previous table form a column.

Database examples:

Phone directory:

The phone book is a simple example of a database. Phone bookstores the phone numbers of different people. You can search for any phone number from the phone book Some important examples of databases are the following: easily because all phone numbers are stored in an organized way.


A library contains thousands of books. It is very difficult to manage the records of all these books without a database. A database system can be used to store book records, library members, book issuance, and retrieval, etc. The user can use the database to easily search for the required books. This database can help a lot to do a research work.


A database is used to control the system of accounts in an organization. The account database keeps track of all financial transactions. You can easily perform different calculations to find information about the business, such as the annual profit, the trial balance, and the general ledger, etc.


A university has many students in different classes. A database can be used to store student records, fare transactions, exam information, and other information about the university. You can also store student assistance in the database.

Components of the database system

The four main components of the database system are the following:

1. Data:

Data is the most important component of the database system. The data is a set of reading data in the database. The basic purpose of a database system is to store, maintain and process data for the user.

2. Hardware:

The physical components of a computer system are called hardware. The hardware is used to perform different tasks such as input, output, storage, and processing.

Some important hardware components are the following:

  • Secondary storage
  • I / O devices
  • Processors
  • Principal memory

3. Software:

The software is a collection of programs used by the computer within a database system. The software to enable the most important software in the database is the same DBMS. It uses three types of system s work correctly. The different types of software used in a database system are the following:


Manage all hardware components. It also allows all other programs to run on the computer.
DBMS Software This is the database management system used to create and manage a database system.
Application programs They are used to access and process the data stored in the database.

4. Staff:

  • People related to the database system are called personal. The different types of people in a database system are the following:

Database administrator:

  • A database administrator is a person who is responsible for managing the entire system of the database.

Application programmer:

  • An application program is a person who writes the application programs of the end users to access the data in the database.

The end users:

  • The end users are the people who use application programs to perform different operations in the database. They include employees, managers, and directors, etc.

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