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Structured Query Language Features of SQL

 Organized Query Language Features of SQL remains for Structured Query Language. SQL is certainly not a full-included programming dialect. It is just a data sublanguage. It implies that it just has dialect articulations for database definition and handling (questioning and refreshing). The data definition charges are called Data Definition Language (DDL). The data inquiry and data refreshing charges are called Data Manipulation Language (DML).

SQL was developed by IBM. It is supported as a national standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). A more current standard SQL3 additionally exists yet the most generally executed form of SQL is ANSI SQL-92 standard. SQL works with database programs like MS Access, DB2 Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase et cetera.

Structured Query Language

1 Features of SQL:

  • 1-QLIt utilizes words like SELECT, INSERT, DELETE and so on
  • 2-SQL is a non-procedural language. The user specifies what to do not how to do. SOt does not require to specify the access method to data.
  • 3-SQL commands are not case sensitive.
  • 4-SQL processes sets of records rather than a single record at a time. The most common form of a set of records is the table.
  • 5- SQL can be used by a range of users like DBA, application programmer, management personnel and many other types of end users.
  • 6-SQL provides commands for a variety of tasks including:
  • 7- Querying data
  • 8- Inserting, updating, deleting rows in a table
  • 9- Creating, modifying, and deleting database objects
  • 10-Controlling access to the Database and database objects
  • 11- Guaranteeing database consistency

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