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Types of Data Transmission Modes And Example

Data Transmission Modes The manner by which data is transmitted starting with one place then onto the next is called data transmission modes. There are three kinds of data transmission modes known as simplex mode, half duplex mode, and full duplex mode.

Types of Data Transmission Modes

Data Transmission


1. Kinds of Transmission Modes:

There are three sorts of data transmission modes known as simplex mode, half duplex mode, and full duplex mode.

1. Simplex Mode:

Data Transmission In simplex mode, data can stream just one way. It can’t be moved in both bearings. It works in a way like a restricted road. The bearing of stream never shows signs of change. A gadget with simplex mode can either send or get data. It can’t perform the two activities.


Data Transmission A case is a customary Transmission. The flag is sent from the transmitter to TV reception apparatus. There is no arrival flag.

2. Half-Duplex:

Movement down the middle duplex mode, data can stream in the two bearings however not in the meantime. It is transmitted one-route at one time. A gadget with half-duplex mode can send or get data however not in the meantime. That is the reason the speed of half-duplex mode is moderate.


Web surfing is a case of half-duplex correspondence. The client issues a demand for a website page. The website page is downloaded and shown before the client issues another demand

3. Full-Duplex Mode:

The mode is a quicker method for Data Transmission when contrasted with half duplex. Time isn’t squandered In full-duplex mode, data can go in the two bearings at the same time. Full duplex altering the course of the data stream.


A phone is a full-duplex gadget. The two people can talk in the meantime. Another case of full-duplex correspondence is car activity on a two-path street. The activity can move in the two bearings in the meantime.

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