Data Processing & Database Management System

Data Processing A gathering of crude raw numbers is called data. The word crude implies that the realities have not been prepared to get their correct significance. Data is given to the figure processing. Data is gathered from various sources. It is gathered for various purposes. Data may comprise of numbers, characters, images or pictures and so forth.

Data Processing & Database Management

Data Processing


Data Processing is an imperative asset for any association. An asset is anything that is important for an association. Assets incorporate structures, furniture, vehicles, apparatus and representatives Data is viewed as an asset since it gives revise data to settling on legitimate and opportune choices. It empowers the management of the association to use different assets viable. It isn’t conceivable to settle on great choice if data isn’t accessible in wanted configuration.

Example: The data of an understudy may comprise of Roll Number, Student Name, Father Name and Marks of various subjects. The motivation behind gathering this data is to keep up the record of the understudy amid the examination time frame.

Picture Data:

  • Picture data incorporate diagrams, charts, pictures, and illustrations. This type of data extensive. It can be transmitted as an arrangement of bits.

Sound Data:

  • The sound is a portrayal of sound. It incorporates music, discourse or any kind of sound.

Video Data:

  • The video is an arrangement of full-movement pictures played at a fast. The video is utilized to show activities and developments.


The prepared data is called data. Data is a composed and Processed of Data. It is more important than data and is utilized for deciding. shape Example The data of the understudies can be prepared to deliver valuable data, for example, add up to review of the understudy. It can likewise be prepared to locate the quantity of passed and stamps and fizzled understudies and so forth.

The distinction between Data and Information:

The distinction amongst data and data is as per the following:


  • Data is an arrangement of crude certainties
  • It is utilized as a contribution to the PC.
  • Data isn’t important.
  • Data volume is regularly enormous. accessible to individuals available to be purchased
  • It is troublesome or even difficult to repeat. For instance, if Government loses the data of enumeration, it will be relatively difficult to duplicate it.
  • Data is utilized once in a while
  • Data is an autonomous substance
  • Data isn’t utilized as a part of basic leadership.


  • Data has to handle by a type of data It is the yield of the PC.
  • Data is significant.
  • Data volume is ordinarily short
  • Data is ordinarily accessible to individuals available to be purchased
  • It is less demanding to imitate if lost.
  • For example, if the rundown of uneducated nationals is it can be replicated effectively from to lost, put away data.
  • Data is utilized much of the time.
  • Data relies on data.
  • It is essential for basic leadership

Data Processing:

A procedure of changing over data into important data is called data processing Data is the information and data is the yield of a data processing system. be that as it may, it can’t be utilized for basic leadership. It must be changed over into significant data with a specific end goal to utilize it for settling on vital choices. This transformation comprises of various advances which are performed in a grouping.

Cases of Data Processing:

A few cases of data processing are as per the following:

The characteristics of understudies in the examination are put away as data. Assume rundown understudies is required who got A review in the examination. Some processing connected on signs of the understudies. This procedure will give new data as wanted rundown. In this data processing, the signs of understudies are the data (input the rundown of understudies with An evaluations is the data (yield).

Individuals store cash in banks that is put away as data in registers or computers. Suppose the bank administrator needs to know the aggregate sum kept in the bank The aggregate sum can be found by including all sums saved in the bank. In this data processing, the measure of various individuals is data (input) and the aggregate of all sums is the data (yield).

The data of the nationals of Pakistan is gathered in statistics and put away forever This data can be prepared for various reason, for example,

  • To discover the proficiency rate of the nation
  • To discover add up to the number of Ph.D.’s in the nation
  • To discover the neediness level in various territories of the nation and so forth.

Government utilizes this data to take essential choices. For example, the government may find a way to wipe out neediness and enhance the proficiency rate in the nation.

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