Some characteristics of Object-Oriented Databases (OODB)

Object-situated Databases (OODB) stores data in objects. An inquiry is a thing that would data have the capacity to and abilities to process that information. For example, a Protest Student may contain information about the substitute, for example, Student, Name and Marks, et cetera. It might likewise contain capacities to process data, for example, print the substitute record, record standard substitute traits, et cetera.


Object-oriented database



A couple of characteristics of question arranged database are according to the following:

  • OODM must have the capacity to give complex object portrayal.
  • OODM must be extensible. It implies it must offer help for characterizing new data composes and techniques that are fit for working on that object.

OODM must help embodiment or information covering up. It must have the capacity to conceal how the data is spoken to by the object and how every strategy is actualized from different objects and different substances outside of itself.

OODM must show legacy. Objects will exist in a chain of important relationship. An order relationship is where an object acquires from a root object. It gives the capacity to utilize the data and functions of different objects above in chain of importance.

1. Interactive media Database:

Interactive media Database is utilized to store pictures, sound clasps, and video cuts. For example, a geographic information system database can store maps in the mixed media database. A TV news station database can store sound and video cuts and so forth.

Groupware Database:

Groupware database is utilized to store records, for example, plans, logbooks, manuals, reminders and reports and so forth.

3. PC helped Design Database :

PC supported outline database is utilized to store data about building, structural American most database and logical plans. It might incorporate a rundown of parts of the things being planned, the relationship between the segments and past form of the outlines.

4. Hypertext Database:

Hypertext database is used to store content interfaces with different sorts of records. A hypermedia database contains content, delineations, video, and sound. The Web contains an assortment of hypertext and hypermedia databases.

5. Web Database:

The web database is utilized to connect to an I-shape on a Web page. The internet browser sends and gets data between the frame and the database.

6. Object Query Language :

Object-situated and object-relational databases utilize a question dialect known as object inquiry dialect (QOL) to control data. QOL is like SQL. It utilizes the relatively same principles and catchphrases like SQL. Not all object databases bolster this dialect yet.

Decentralized Database :

A sort of database system in which the database is put away on PCs o different destinations auto locales in different areas is known as a decentralized database system. In a focal, the PCs are not interconnected by means of a network. It is an accumulation of free databases.

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